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All our staffs and nurses are vaccinated against COVID-19

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Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all our professionals who have had face to face contact with our women and families have done a remarkable job to support and protect those from COVID-19, by all being fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccination...

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“We wanted to say thank-you for not only helping us through the difficult time but also being a friend and helping through the pregnancy and birth and the many changes our family went through and being there to answer all our many questions”

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Balance It’s all about planning and taking timeout sometimes it needs someone not involved in your life to help, and analyse your daily activities and look at ways you can achieve and make small changes that will improve your work life balance you need to take baby steps over time and tackle problems in small bite size pieces

Infertility is when a couple have unprotected sex at or around midcycle for the period of a year without conception. This seems a very long time when you hear of other couples getting pregnant in the first month or without meaning too. There are various reasons for infertility, we feel with our support and referring to the best fertility expects will put you on the right road to starting a family “What’s app The Midwife” for some top tips and if you would like a referral to a top fertility expert

Exercise you can still do gentle exercise such as swimming, stair-climbing, jogging and make sure you tell your gym or personal trainer you are pregnant so they can adjust your exercise schedule, also refrain from doing the following water-skiing, skydiving or dangerous sports that possibly cause serious injury or death.

Tired your little bundle of joy is growing all the time and needs all the nutrients you are having leaving you with a reduced amount of vitamins and iron this then causes tiredness, a top tip is half an hour before a meal have some natural vitamin C this can be a Orange, Kiwi fruit, handful of berries, you will absorb 10 x more iron from the meal you are about to eat.

Screaming Being a two year old is difficult, this is were toddlers are exploring who they are and what they want to do at what time, you need patience, look and see when your child screams is it when they are over tired or is it when they want to do certain things and you are saying “no”

Don’t use the “no” word if you can avoid it, try and use distracting techniques they are the best way to manage a two-year-old and make every day fun and educational “What’s app The Health Visitor’’ for some amazing solutions and for techniques

Teenager For a few years you feel like your lovely sweet child has changed, but you have to remember you was a teenager once, the difference is you were a teenager without the pressures of social media and the overwhelming peer pressure teenagers of today face, so be kind and understanding.

There is a lot of discovering teenagers must do such as: -

What they want to do with there lives?

The imbalance of hormones causing mood swings.

Just trying to fit in.

So many thoughts and feeling to contend with and they need to have good influences in their life and good role models, one of are many lifestyle coaches specialises in helping teenagers have a good balance and we do monthly events run by teachers and lifestyle coaches to encourage your teenagers to meet a different friends group and to do fun team building exercises.