N95 Face Mask

BBL Cart is the leading N95 face mask wholesale dealer in Dubai. We provide premium quality N95 masks to our customers. Our N95 face masks or N95 respirators are filtering face-piece respirators that are FDA certified and UL certified. You can easily protect yourself from harmful viruses, bacteria, and pollution by covering your mouth and nose with N95 masks. N95 face masks are made up of polypropylene fibre. ‘N’ of N95 stands for respirator rating letter. It means ‘Non- oil’. That means N95 masks are non-resistant to oil and so you can wear N95 face masks in an oil-free work environment. 95 of N95 mean these masks have 95% efficiency.

Some N95 masks are disposable. These masks have an optional exhalation valve, which helps you to breathe easily. BBL CART N95 masks can filter 0.3 microns of particles and also large droplets. Our masks will protect you against airborne infectious diseases. These masks cover your mouth and nose comfortably and securely.

N95 Mask For Sale In Dubai

N95 face masks have wide use ranging from healthcare professionals to mining workers. Moreover, the construction and painting industries use these masks. Our customers include the workers of these industries. We are the renowned supplier of N95 face masks in the UAE. We aim at protecting the lives of human beings. Therefore, our protective materials like N95 masks are of high quality. We do not compromise the quality of N95 face masks for the sake of safety. However, we sell in the market at competitive rates.

You can afford easily N95 masks from us. Additionally, you may buy N95 face masks online from BBL Cart. We take orders from you online and will reach you with these masks as soon as possible. You will be able to get these masks sitting at your home. We are ready to serve you anytime. Customer satisfaction is our motto.

N95 Mask Wholesale

Buy N95 Face Mask From BBL Cart

You must buy an N95 face mask from us because we are the reliable N95 mask wholesale supplier in UAE. We also supply abroad. The reasons behind purchasing N95 masks from us are mentioned below.

  • We maintain premium quality.
  • Our masks are FDA certified and UL certified.
  • We have a wide range of varieties of masks from which you can choose your preferred one.
  • We keep different colours and different patterns of masks.
  • We are the reliable N95 face mask wholesale dealer in UAE.
  • Our masks are comfortable and have easy breathable capacity.

N95 Mask Online

Shop N95 Face Mask Online

We are now available at your doorstep. Just order and shop N95, KN95, designer mask, surgical mask, corporate, copper, n95, and 3-layer disposable face masks online from us. Our efficient team will serve you as soon as possible. To place an order, browse our easy-to-use website and choose your N95 masks. Contact us via email or call us for any inquiry. Our customer service is ready to help you round the clock.

We assure you that you will get the desired quality and the exact mask that you have ordered. While placing an order, provide us with your address and contact details to avoid delay.


N95 masks are more hygienic and secured than simple cloth masks. N95 masks can filter 95% particles of 0.3 microns. Cloth masks do not have such protective capacity. N95 masks are more comfortable than cloth masks.

Before wearing a mask, you must clean your hands with sanitizer. Even after using the N95 mask, you need to wash your hands. While putting on the mask or taking off the mask, you need to hold the ear loops and not the front of the mask.

Yes. The breathability of N95 face masks is high. It has an optional exhalation valve. Therefore, the N95 masks are comfortable to wear.

There is no cancellation policy after purchase in our company. Refund policy is applicable only when there is payment failure and failure in receiving OTP.

No. BBL N95 masks are affordable. We sell at competitive prices.