Surgical Masks

BBL Cart is an exclusive platform to buy surgical face masks online in Dubai and across the UAE. We offer unique and premium-quality surgical masks. Our surgical mask protects the wearer by preventing infection from potentially susceptible individuals. Moreover, our mask provides a barrier to large droplets ejected from the wearer. Healthcare professionals and the general public use surgical masks that act as a mechanical barrier to direct airflow in and out of the nose and mouth. Our face masks are designed in such a way that they can reduce airborne transmission of aerosolised contaminants between the people and the wearer.

BBL CART is unique because of the presence of patented fibre and copper yarn. 3-layers of copper yarn filter 90% of the particles. It kills viruses coming towards the wearer. It even prevents viruses from going away from the wearer. Our FDA certified and UL certified masks provide filtration against aerosol transmission effectively.

Normal Surgical Masks

Buy Surgical Face Masks from Us

We claim that we are one of the leading online surgical mask suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Our customers are fully satisfied by using our products. Why will you buy from us? The reasons behind the massive use of our surgical masks in Dubai are mentioned below.

  • Our unique copper mask helps to suppress the spread of infection.
  • Filters 90% of aerosol particles.
  • FDA and UL certified
  • Comfortable, reusable, and washable surgical masks are available at BBL Cart.
  • It has strong anti-inflammatory power along with anti-bacterial power.
  • It protects dust, viruses and thus prevents infection from outside.
  • It covers the mouth and nose and thus helps the wearer to keep the fingers away from the nose and mouth.
  • Not tight-fitting and so comfortable
  • Our surgical face masks can resist fluid and therefore protect the wearer against large droplets that come out of sneezing and coughing.
  • BBL face masks offer reliable filtration protection against all types of particles.
  • We assure you that our premium-quality surgical masks are not only comfortable to wear, but also odourless and entirely secured. These surgical masks, though normal will cover your face securely.

Surgical Mask Online

Surgical Mask Wholesale Dealer in Dubai, UAE

We are the normal surgical masks manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, UAE. An additional feature of BBL is that we sell surgical face masks online. You will experience a great journey with us from the beginning to the end of purchase. Our flawless service will encourage you to buy products from us many times. Our fashionable 3D cost-effective designs of surgical masks are likely to impress you. This is hygienic as well as stylish. We take bulk orders and provide the best wholesale price in the market.

Best Normal Surgical Face Masks for Covid-19 UAE

Want to protect your nose and mouth from dangerous viruses? We provide super-quality surgical masks at the best price. You will get a wide variety of normal surgical masks with different colours and patterns. BBL offers washable, reusable, hygienic, and comfortable normal surgical face masks in Dubai, UAE. You can order on our website to buy surgical face masks, designer mask, corporate face mask, copper, n95, kn95 and 3 Layer Disposable Face Mask online from us.


The BBL copper mask is made up of 3 layers of copper yarn that prevents the spread of infection.

Yes. We deliver normal surgical masks within UAE and outside UAE. Our delivery within UAE takes place in 2 working days. We deliver our products to other countries within 4-10 days.

No. We provide high-quality surgical masks at an affordable price.

Yes. We are the manufacturer, supplier, and wholesale dealer of normal surgical masks in Dubai, UAE. You can place bulk orders online also.

BBL masks are of premium quality. These are comfortable, washable, and reusable. Our surgical masks not only protect the wearer from viruses but also kill germs. Our masks can save lives by reducing transmission.

The surgical masks and respirator masks are the same in the terms of their filtration value. Both have filtration layers that filter aerosol transmission effectively.