UAE Covid-19 restrictions ease but face mask rules to stay in place


The UAE Covid-19 rules on everything starting from entertainment sectors, tourism, economic facilities and events will ease out from the mid of February. However, the rules of mask-wearing continue to remain the same. With the drop in infection rates, the authorities have decided to ease out all the restrictions except the rules of face masks.

Continue Wearing Masks in the UAE with All Other Precautionary Measures

When you have to face mask buy online, you must consider a lot of factors. Masks with several layers of properly woven fabric that fits well to avoid larger gaps offer better protection. However, single layer masks like bandanas and neck gaiters don’t offer much protection and filtration than fabric masks.

To ensure you are completely safe and healthy, here are some of the things that you must refrain from doing while keeping your mask on:

  • Always buy a face mask that comes equipped with multiple layers of tightly knitted fabric.
  • Go for a mask that doesn’t include a valve or include openings in them.
  • When wearing your mask, ensure to cover the bridge of the nose, your chin and even your face.
  • See that your designer face mask snugly fits against your face, ensuring there aren’t any gaps between.
  • While wearing the mask, you shouldn’t be facing any kind of difficulties in breathing.
  • Ensure to wash your cloth mask regularly with the help of lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Air-dry it and keep it inside a bag or a container.
  • Don’t allow your face mask to slip under your nose. Avoid wearing the face mask on your forehead or across your neck.
  • Stop putting a mask on your kid below 2 years of age, especially if they have trouble breathing and cannot remove the mask without an adult’s help.
  • Resist the urge to touch the inside of the mask at all cost, it might be highly contaminated by your sneeze, cough and or your breathing.

Masks Continue to Protect You From the Transmission of Viruses

While wearing a mask alone wouldn’t save you from contracting the virus, it can lower the chance. If you are not keeping well, a designer face mask can stop the spread of germs and bacteria from infecting everybody else who comes in contact with you. If you are completely fine, wearing a designer face mask will prove effective in keeping you safe from the virus-infected droplets from a sick person. And as per research, wearing a mask is better and can protect you than not wearing a mask at all.

Top Reasons Why UAE People Are Still Advised to Wear Masks, Despite the Drop-in Infection Rate

Masks Are Effective in Keeping the Wearer Safe from All COVID-19 Variants

Even with the drop in the virus spread rate in the UAE, new variants of the deadly virus keep emerging every day. The masks are one of those essentials which offer basic protection to the wearer. Several studies prove that face masks can effectively contain all the virus-infected droplets released from the wearer which contributes to the virus transmission in society.

Asymptomatic People Infected with Covid-19 Arent Sure if they Are the Carriers of the Virus

As per estimation, about 40% of the total infected people haven’t noticed or experienced any symptoms of the virus but can very well spread the virus to other people. Unless we do a screening test, we cannot determine how many people are secret transmitters of the virus in society. Hence, it is recommended in the UAE, that people should continue wearing the mask for as long as they are not said otherwise by the authorities.

Mass Use of Masks Can Minimize the Virus Transmission Rate in the Community

When a large group of people start wearing the masks, it can prevent everyone and anyone from transmitting the virus. The disease modelling of the researchers suggests that wearing masks combined with other safety measures like hand washing, sanitization and avoiding crowds can significantly reduce the spread of the virus and the deaths resulting from it across the world.

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