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We are disposable vinyl gloves supplier in Dubai and UAE. We value the lives of healthcare professionals and the general public. Therefore, protect your hands from viruses, hazardous materials, chemicals, and irritants by wearing vinyl gloves. The surgical gloves protect you against infection and cross-contamination. Moreover, the gloves provide a barrier between the fingers and nose, eyes, and mouth.

BBL CART vinyl gloves are of high quality and affordable. We never compromise with the quality but we sell our products at a competitive price. Our mission is to offer you a secured life with our protective materials.

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Buy Disposable Medical Gloves in Dubai from Us

Vinyl gloves are disposable gloves. BBL vinyl gloves are an outstanding alternative to latex gloves. We take into consideration your allergies. Our medical gloves are free from chemicals. So, those with allergic conditions can use our gloves. The disposable surgical gloves are less elastic and less costly than other types of gloves. So, our product’s sale is on the rise.

Why will you prefer our medical gloves to other gloves? Here are the reasons.

  • Our vinyl gloves enable stretch and versatility.
  • Vinyl gloves are not prone to general wear and tear.
  • These surgical gloves keep hands away from contamination.
  • You will get a wide range of varieties of vinyl gloves from us.

Vinyl Gloves Dubai

Best Quality Vinyl Gloves Wholesale Distributor In UAE

Our premium quality vinyl gloves are made up of synthetic monomer material, which is available through a polymerisation process. As the production cost of vinyl gloves is less, these are ideal for use in many areas like hospitals, the food industry, and the home improvement industries.

We are the medical gloves, KN95, designer mask, surgical mask, corporate, copper, n95, and 3-layer disposable face masks wholesale dealers in UAE. We supply these gloves within UAE and abroad. Our customers are always satisfied with the quality of BBL vinyl gloves.

Protect Your Hand With Premium Quality Vinyl Gloves

You must wear our medical gloves because they are cost-effective and anti-static. As they are disposable, throw away these gloves after one use. This enhances your safety and hygiene. Live a hygienic life with our medical gloves.

We are the exclusive platform to sell surgical gloves online in Dubai. Order from the comfort zone of your home and we will reach your products at your doorstep. Our website is easy to handle. So, browse our website and choose your preferred items from our variety of products.

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Want to buy a hundred percent hygienic BBL surgical gloves? Contact us online through our website. We provide vinyl gloves wholesale in Dubai, UAE. You can place an order in bulk and choose from our variety of products. Our easy-to-use web interface will allow you to choose your desired products easily.

Call us or email us to know the wholesale price of vinyl gloves. We aim to satisfy the customers to the fullest. BBL Cart always supplies high-quality products and if there is any dispute with the products, feel free to contact our 24×7 customer service.


Health care professionals, the food industry, the painting and printing industry, and home cleaning workers generally wear vinyl gloves.

You must use our vinyl gloves because of our premium quality of products, our excellent customer service, and our competitive rates.

No. Vinyl gloves are not expensive. As the production cost is less, the selling price is also less. We sell vinyl gloves at an affordable price.

We deliver our products within 1-2 working days in UAE. However, we take a maximum of 10 days to supply outside UAE. The shipping charge in UAE and abroad is very less. While placing an order, you need to give the proper address and contact number to avoid any delay.

We do not have a return policy for the sake of the safety and sanitation of the products. Vinyl gloves are disposable items and so, we do not take them back from you once you have bought our products. However, if any issues arise, feel free to contact customer care.