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Ever since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, masks have been made as an essential tool that is used to save lives and stop the virus spread. However, if you thought you can stay safe from Covid-19 only by wearing a mask, then you have to re-consider. Several other safety precautions like staying indoors during the rampant transmission of the virus, social distancing, keeping your house well-ventilated, avoiding social gatherings, sanitizing your hands and covering your face with elbows when coughing or sneezing must also be combined with mask-wearing.

To help make optimal use of face masks, here are some of the WHO recommendations on how to wear them and how to wear them.

Who Should Be Counting on Respirator and Medical Masks?

Buy face mask and wear them if you are:

  • If you are over 60 years and are going outdoors or in high-traffic places.
  • At an increased risk from the virus both in outdoor or in indoor places
  • Going to a healthcare unit or facility
  • Dropping by someone’s house who is at higher risk of contracting the virus.

When Should You Wear A Face Mask Home?

People who have recently tested positive for the virus or are encountering symptoms of Covid-19 must practice self-isolation. However, if you are at all staying in the same room with everyone else in the room who are older than 9 years of age, then keep your mask. Children below 9 years of age are advised to wear cloth masks, given how they fit well.

Places Where You Should Mandatorily Wear a Mask

WHO suggests that you wear a mask every time you move out of the house. To make face mask-wearing interesting, you can order custom masks too.

Prefer wearing face masks when:

  • You are travelling on domestic aircraft.
  • You are commuting to work via public transport.
  • You are walking in and out of the departure and arrival areas of the airport and public transport zones.
  • Are above 8 years of age and is a student.
  • You are availing ride share transport
  • You are inside a retail business sector like gas stations, pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, takeaway food outlets, etc.
  • You are inside public venues like libraries and museums.
  • You are inside a vet hospital and or clinic.
  • You are inside a school or classroom. It doesn’t matter if you are a mere worker, school staff, student or teacher.
  • You are visiting the salon and barbershop.
  • You are visiting bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. You can remove the mask once your ordered food or drink has arrived and it is time to eat or drink.
  • You are a part of a social gathering.
  • You are inside public area courts or stadiums.

WHO Recommendations on How to Wear the Face Mask Correctly

While masks might not be helping in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus variants completely, they are surely saving lives. Still, after more than a year of pandemics, masks are seen to be the finest way of minimizing respiratory droplets. While masks are designed to keep you safe from the pandemic, it is only possible if you wear them properly.

Here are some guidelines on how to wear the mask correctly, all times.

Pick Your Mask By Its Loops

The correct way of picking the face mask is to hold it by its ear loops and not touch the mask directly. Bring the ear loops closer to your ears as much as possible and secure them tightly. However, if your face mask is designed with ties and not loops. Then tie the upper pair across your head’s rear crown. Follow this up with tying the second pair of the loop around your neck.

Your Face Mask Should Cover Both Your Mouth and Nose

The mask is designed to keep your nose and mouth protected from the bacteria present in the air by keeping it covered. The mask if worn properly, can save you from catching the virus.

Adjust The Mask Fitting to Cover Your Chin

You can pull the face mask around your chin to cover it if that is possible. To stop all the possibilities of contracting the virus, you can consider tucking the mask beneath your chin.

Secure Your Face Mask Around Your Nose Bridge

Several masks are designed with a metal tab which helps you to understand where your nose bridge should be. If your chin feels a metal tab, then you will know instantly that you have worn the mask upside down. Pinch the metal tab into its place so the mask fits snugly on your face. If you buy face mask that doesn’t have a metal tab, make sure it doesn’t slip down and reveal your nose.

Adjust As Per Your Need

When wearing the face masks, always make sure that there isn’t any gap between the mask and your face. The face mask should fit your face with a minimal gap, for maximum filtration of air.

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